This Phantasmagoric Life: Acquisition Talks Between Facebook And Twitter Break Down


image So, Twitter still believes it can figure out how to generate some revenues. Kara Swisher is reporting that the rumors about Facebook acquiring Twitter were not only true, but that talks between the microblogging company and the social-network site broke down three weeks ago. The social net was offering to acquire the company for $500 million of its stock, but Twitter execs and investors apparently believe the company should



Ok; proof that the tech investment world has gone mad. Facebook is worried about Twitter's lack of revenue? Ahem … what about Facebooks lack of revenue? I say they're a great match. Neither has anywhere near the revenue to justify their valuation. Both get used and abused by outside business, but can't get financial leverage on this outside activity. These absurd valuations were dreamt up by the graduates of the same business schools that manufactured the sub prime crisis. Now that's sobering.

Mark Evans

It's not such a bad thing that these talks fell apart. For whatever reason, I just don't see a fit between Facebook and Twitter. My sense is Facebook would ruin Twitter rather than enhance and expand it.

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