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Free Productive Magazine- packed with GTD tips

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We’re all about free stuff at jkOnTheRun, especially when the free item is something that can help make life and work better.  I have never been one of the Getting Things Done (GTD) ninjas but there are plenty of those out there who swear by the system.  A new digital magazine has been published that covers all things GTD and the premier issue is jam-packed with good articles about productivity boosters.  Productive Magazine is available for free in PDF format which is nice and green and you can find out all about it at the magazine web site.  Nice stuff, and the first issue is dedicated to the memory of Marc Orchant, one of the best GTD ninjas who ever lived.


6 Responses to “Free Productive Magazine- packed with GTD tips”

  1. @Frustrated Consumer

    I’m the editor of the Productive! Magazine and I’m not American. However I’ve long found out the power of “re-discovering the obvious”.

    You’ve read the GTD book, you’ve improved something in you life, you continue with your life, you read an article (magazine?) about productivity and you have another “a-ha” moment and improve some other aspect of your life…. and so on.

    You study all of your life if you want to progress and develop yourself.

    Read the GTD book again… and you’ll find you’ve missed lots of things the first time and you’ll discover something new.

    This is the purpose of the magazine – to re-discover the obvious things you might have known or read somewhere, but never gave them a real thought.

    – Michael Sliwinski

  2. Frustrated Consumer

    So I get the GTD book, I join the cult, I become more productive…which allows me more personal time…to read more magazines about being ‘productive’?

    Americans can sometimes be very weird.