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iFitness: Workout Smarter With Your iPhone

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In the words of the immortal Hans & Franz, “We’re Going to Pump You Up!” Or at least, iFitness for the iPhone and iPod touch is going to. The personal trainer app has enjoyed a lofty position on the Top Paid charts in the iTunes store, and I wanted to find out why. I’d been disappointed before, so I hoped that iFitness might restore my faith, and get me back in the gym.

From the start, things were looking up with iFitness. The UI, while nothing special, was clean, simple, and dialed-down, which strikes me as appropriate for an application that I’ll be using at the gym in between exercises. From the home screen, you can access individual exercises, your custom workout, pre-set routines, and your log from the bottom navigation bar.

On the Exercises screen, you can browse by categories organized according to muscle group. You can also search for an exercise by individual muscle, or browse the list in its entirety alphabetically. One of the key features of iFitness is the ability to add and edit custom exercises to the already extensive list that comes with the app. Clicking on an exercise shows its details on the home screen, initially displaying just an image series showing you what to do. You can press a button at the top to display text instructions, add to your workout, or add to your log.

My Workout displays your custom workout, which you can build by adding exercises from their information screens. You can also add dividers to separate muscle groups or sets. My Workout adds a degree of customizability that makes iFitness a must-have for more advanced users. The only downside is that you can only create one workout, so the list could get unwieldy if you want to keep a variety of custom routines.

The preset routines are good starting points for novice users. Each has an extensive description to tell you just what the workout is meant to do, and a list detailing number of sets and repetitions.

iFitness has definitely found a place as my app of choice for workout management, since the ability to add custom exercises and your own routine is crucial to my fitness habits. At only $1.99, it’s a steal for beginners and more advanced users alike.

97 Responses to “iFitness: Workout Smarter With Your iPhone”

  1. iFitness is back as Full Fitness!

    After contacting Medical Productions, it became clear that their app was pulled from the store and would not be returning. The owner informed me that he put up a fight, but Apple was firm.

    Knowing how much I use the app myself, I purchased the rights from him for rather cheap (I guess not being able to sell an app in the store makes it worthless for his company). My group has redesigned it over the past while, and we will be bringing all the old features back within a week or two (the majority is there for now).

    We went with the name Full Fitness as a recommendation from them because apparently they were facing some BS trademark name lawsuit from some large US company that helped lead to all of this trouble.

    Hope you guys like the app! We’re keeping it dirt cheap for a limited time to give everyone a break:

    Let me know what you think at [email protected]. We will be keeping up their excellence in turns of regular updates.