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iFitness: Workout Smarter With Your iPhone

In the words of the immortal Hans & Franz, “We’re Going to Pump You Up!” Or at least, iFitness for the iPhone and iPod touch is going to. The personal trainer app has enjoyed a lofty position on the Top Paid charts in the iTunes store, and I wanted to find out why. I’d been disappointed before, so I hoped that iFitness might restore my faith, and get me back in the gym.

From the start, things were looking up with iFitness. The UI, while nothing special, was clean, simple, and dialed-down, which strikes me as appropriate for an application that I’ll be using at the gym in between exercises. From the home screen, you can access individual exercises, your custom workout, pre-set routines, and your log from the bottom navigation bar.

On the Exercises screen, you can browse by categories organized according to muscle group. You can also search for an exercise by individual muscle, or browse the list in its entirety alphabetically. One of the key features of iFitness is the ability to add and edit custom exercises to the already extensive list that comes with the app. Clicking on an exercise shows its details on the home screen, initially displaying just an image series showing you what to do. You can press a button at the top to display text instructions, add to your workout, or add to your log.

My Workout displays your custom workout, which you can build by adding exercises from their information screens. You can also add dividers to separate muscle groups or sets. My Workout adds a degree of customizability that makes iFitness a must-have for more advanced users. The only downside is that you can only create one workout, so the list could get unwieldy if you want to keep a variety of custom routines.

The preset routines are good starting points for novice users. Each has an extensive description to tell you just what the workout is meant to do, and a list detailing number of sets and repetitions.

iFitness has definitely found a place as my app of choice for workout management, since the ability to add custom exercises and your own routine is crucial to my fitness habits. At only $1.99, it’s a steal for beginners and more advanced users alike.

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  1. iFitness was the most used app on my iphone.
    I recently upgraded my phone to 4.2.1 from 3.1.3. All apps were removed from my phone. I damn near threw my phone across the room after trying fruitlessly to find iFitness on the App Store, only to read it was pulled.
    2 things are shameful since the loss of this app.
    1. Apple will not divulge why the app was pulled. I’ve emailed support to which they have responded that users must email the developer in order to determine the reason for the removal.
    2. The developer has decided it best not to respond to numerous emails regarding the state of the application.
    If the developer chooses not continue developing this app, I certainly hope someone picks up where “Medical Prod” dropped off.
    I encourage anyone using this app to email ifitness support.
    I live in canada and when trying to install the app it mentions that this app is only available in the US. Can someone from the US confirm/deny whether its pulled there as well?

    The developer’s name is Hooman Zohoor. If anyone knows how to contact him, please contact me.

  2. iFitness application was deleted from the Apple Store! I was a bit disapointed ans started looking for something else – some other alternative to it and found – All-in Fitness for iPhone and iPad. This app is even better : it has video lessons and instructions, and a built in pedometer! I recommend it.

  3. marykaichini

    You know I have recently bought a new app which is similar to this one, but I think it is cheaper and it is more improved. I am talking about All-in-fitness by Viaden Mobile. It combines more exercises and it includes both Yoga video instructions and pedometer body tracker and calories counter.
    I am very happy with this new app.

  4. charlie

    just want to say to “gos” your a gym rat huh? hmmmn didnt you ever here of the movie mall rats? yeah its people who sit around at a mall doing nothing ..funny i bet thats what you do at the gym. i go to the gym alot and i am always seeing people that just sit there acting like they are working out. i guess some people just have to money to waste on a membership. i dont understand what your doing wrong with the app but it is very helpful for people. hmmmn better yet you prob dont think this app works because you do not know a good formation . yeah so try again with the app but do it the right way loser

  5. I’m getting the results from iFitness that I did my $50 per hour trainer. I’m not paying for misses sessions. I’m getting more sessions per week since I’m not bound to the trainers schedule. It’s easy to plan my workout. It’s satisfying to hit the record button after the last set of squats. To put the weekly squats “in the books” is motivating.
    If your a trainer, you will not like this App.

  6. Trina

    I used to be a gym rat. Now I go at least 3x/wk, although I aim for 4-5x. I don’t need the videos and only use the images as a reference. My best guides in the gym used to be watching trainers train and Muscle & Fitness magazine. I had a six pack and huge arms when I followed that regimen.

    I have been a member of several gyms since I’ve been working out since the ’90s. I used to use the Muscle Head logs, and I loved those. When writing down information, it’s quick. Digital logs are something I longed for, and then came th iPhone, and then came these apps.

    I will say that in a busy gym, I’d feel awkward holding up a machine while scrumaging through and dialing in set details between sets as someone waits for the machine. However, I don’t work out at busy times, so I’ve had no problem taking the time to enter data in digital logs.

    I used iFitness, then switched to Pump One’s Fitness Builder.

    I like certain things about Fitness Builder, like the ability to search exercises, the thumbnailed view of your workouts in the My Workout log list vs. iFitness’ date view — which tells me nothing about what I did unless I turn it into landscape view. However, I eventually went back to iFitness after some updates. Now they have an iPad version coming out!

    I feel that iFitness has a slow startup. When the iPhone/Pad 4.0 OS is released, this may be remedied with multitasking. As-is, when I change a song, then return to iFitness, that delayed startup is annoying. Plus it doesn’t return to where I left off.

    However, it does motivate me. Seeing that I haven’t worked out biceps in 2-3 weeks explains why I’m so weak, and can no longer lift what was once a lightweight to me. Sometimes we don’t even realize such gaps unless we have a log view. Things happen, you miss a couple of workouts — next thing you know, you had a 2 day instead of a 5 day workout for the week. It’s good to SEE that.

    That said, people should go with what works for them. I keep an eye on iFitness’s updates as well as Fitness Builder’s. iFitness still has me hooked.

  7. I am a regular gym rat and I no tons of exercises from my friends, family and random trainers and I found this app to be very helpful! My brother purchased it and I thought it would be awful but the chest exercises leave me sore and pumped also I noticed the difference within 3 weeks! some of the workouts might not be as good as projected like the ab workout (your much better off with ab ripperX) but other than that it was great.

  8. Version: 9.62

    There is an error in your application. In Routines -> Baseball Conditioning -> Day 2 -> Triceps Quickback (Should read Kickback)
    It will show the previously recalled pic and description. I think that since the name is wrong spelled, it recall the last exercise viewed. Please, check the program you may need to compile it again.

    On the other hand, if you go to the exercise list and select Triceps Kickback you will able to see the correct pic, description and video.

    Please, advice.

    Note: The application is excellent. God bless you.


  9. Hi!

    There is an error in your application. In Routines -> Baseball Conditioning -> Day 2 -> Triceps Quickback (Should read Kickback)
    It will show the previously recalled pic and description. I think that since the name is wrong spelled, it recall the last exercise viewed. Please, check the program you may need to compile it again.

    On the other hand, if you go to the exercise list and select Triceps Kickback you will able to see the correct pic, description and video.

    Please, advice.

    Note: The application is excellent. God bless you.


  10. Dan Ireland

    Women who think this app is sexist need to learn about proper weight training for health. It’s the same for men and women, young or old. Do any basic research and you’ll find that resistance training is vital for optimal health regardless of gender. The weight you lift varies depending on your level of strength and fitness, but the exercises do not. Perhaps you’ve spent too much time at Curves? Get educated before you post, please.

  11. The people that are dogging this app are probably personal trainers that are losing business. This app is great and only cost $1.99 compared to someone having to spend $60-$75 an hour for a trainer!

  12. I saw this app on the top 25 and bought it and it was the best £1.19 that i have spent on apps. I have worked with a trainer at gyms for 15 years but still am not very confident to workout alone when travelling. What i love about this is that i can create a balanced workout in a hotel gym based on whatever equipment is available and i have ifitness to show and tell me what i need to do. I also can track my workouts and then share them with my trainer who can comment, track my progress and set me up with a more detailed workout for when i return to that hotel.

    I love it.

    I doubt that it would be good for the muscle mary’s or gym rats, but for me – it is just superb. Easy to use with a clean and easy UI.

    I don’t think its a case of this is good or no good, it is either suitable for you or it is not. If you need support, coaching and a means to track your progress, then it is probably for you. Give it a go.

    Baz (London) Working on being fitter!

  13. I was looking in the appstore for something to motivate me to go to the gym and I found iFitness. I’m very happy with the app and it is easy to use and build a program. Some exercises (or picture) I’m doing are missing but I’m sure in the future they will be include. (ex, Leg Seated Curls).

    One of the good thing that would be nice to be included would be a calender. With a quick view, you would be able to see what day you did your exercises and also if you have more than one program (ex, fitness, running, lower part of the body, upper body…).

    Thank you very much for reading me, I hope that was useful for future change.

  14. Love this app! at first, was kinda tricky to find out how it worked, or how to use it with my routine. Then i decided to create a workout with my gym routine, the one my trainer gave me. Now i work greatly, puttin all the info of how much weight im using, and using the stopwatch to work out better (1 min btween reps and 3 min btween exercises) now i can say im a pro using the app. Is very useful and recommended, specially for cheking your improvements, and to get better.

  15. As a woman, I say don’t bother with ifitness. This program seems totally geared for men. The photos, videos, routines (bench presses for the into program!) are all geared toward men. I think it is a mistake that they don’t spell this out in their description!

  16. I find the app very good, I guess it may not be for all gym people as some may not understand basic navigation of phone/computer menus. I fine example of “Im not clever but I can lift heavy fings…

    Anyway, the app is being updated all the time, in the month I have had it I have downloaded 3 updates, so the makers do listen to feedback.

    I have been training for over 15 years and I am also a gadget geek. Iv e used them all from Garmin to Polar. For such a small app that you can take with you all the time I think it ranks with all of them.

    Lets not forget its only a couple of dollars, a similar product from Polar would cost hundreds I reckon.

    Would like to see a diet and cardio log to marry with it to give complete fitness management system.

  17. I like the app. A personal trainer would probably get better results faster but I can’t afford one. I am fairly new to working out seriously and this is an acceptable alternative. I am a little surprised by how many exercises are missed out but there is ample variety. I guess it depends in part on how you choose to use it. For me, the only realistic time for me to work out is either at lunch time or right after work. Both are times when the gym are rammed and I focus on working on one part of the body each day. I simply pick five exercises to do from what equipment is not being used by other gym users. I log my work-outs as I go along. If you are a serious body builder than this is probably too basic for you. But if like me, you’re more interested in keeping fit, need some way to track what you’re doing, would like some variety, and cannot afford personal trainers, it’s a reasonable alternative. For £1.99, it’s an absolute bargain.

  18. I like this app. We have some exercise equipment in the basement and this helps keep me motivated. Plus, I love the log graphs! I don’t use all of the exercises that they have but I have created a few custom workouts that help keep the workouts interesting. And I find by logging all my reps etc… I’m likely to complete goals I have set for myself on a daily basis. I’ve used notebooks and logbooks but this is so easy. I already have my iPod on me because I’m listening to the music.

    Maybe it’s not for everyone – but I enjoy it and actually use it!

  19. Quick summary:
    If you are a gym rat, then no, this app isn’t for you.
    If you are a beginner or just need a little help with some variety, suggestions, and very easy logging then this app rocks.

    Suggestion for next version:
    I know you can send logs via email (very nice) but it would be great if you could send an “exercise progress graph” to your email too. Sure viewing your progress via the iphone is ‘ok’ but it would be much better to be able to print it out and keep all the logs and graphs together.

    App seems to crash when you try to backup data. Doesn’t indicate whether or not backup was successful.

  20. This app is amazing. If you want to exercise by muscle, there’s a human anatomy diagram where you can pick the muscle to exercise. I actually bought the PumpOne program (because it came out first) and now I use both. I use iFitness primarily, and then refer to the PumpOne program if I want a different perspective on something or to see what alternatives there are to the exercises in iFitness. If I had to choose only one, I’d pick iFitness. The interface is WAY easier to use than the PumpOne app (which actually tries to upsell you to its subscription plan).

  21. flutterer

    I love this app. I find the illustrations and text descriptions of the exercises extremely helpful. I use it all the time.

    I wish that there were a version for the Palm Pre. I recently had to switch plans because AT&T is so horrible. I’m loving sprint and the Pre, just wish this app was on there. Workout Tracker is no substitute.

  22. I’d like to see an option for weight to be entered into the tracker in Kg’s not just in pounds. OK it converts it when you save it, but most of the world went metric on weight a long time ago – and this app is sold worldwide :)