GymGoal Lite: Trainer App and More for Those Who Need It


When embarking on a fitness regimen, it helps to have a goal. It also might help to have GymGoal Lite, a personal trainer app for the iPhone and iPod touch. GymGoal Lite puts a massive workout encyclopedia in the palm of your hand, allowing you to control and customize every aspect of your gym-based fitness routine.

GymGoal Lite’s home screen is divided into Workouts and Exercises. Each section contains subcategories, and both offer you the ability to assign favorites. The bottom of the screen is occupied by the “Tip of the day” field, which provides useful tidbits of information about either keeping fit, or building muscle. From the home screen, you can also access various fitness-related calculators, and an online glossary of workouts housed at

In the Workouts section, you can either find a pre-set workout by selecting from a variety of criteria, including type of equipment and difficulty, or you can choose one from your favorites or history. Each workout can be copied so that you can have a basic template to work from when creating your own custom routine. Once a workout is selected, you can view its subsets and select individual exercises from a list to view more info.

Exercises can be found using the useful Body Map, which allows you to pick specific muscles or muscle groups from an anatomical drawing of the human body. It’s definitely a nice feature for those who know what they want to work out but don’t necessarily know its name. Alternatively, you can search by name, or select from a list of all exercises arranged in alphabetical owner. Unfortunately, you can’t add custom exercises to GymGoal Light, but the included library is extensive.

The calculators included in the app are a nice addition to the basic personal trainer functions. GymGoal Light allows you to calculate your maximum single repetition, body mass index (BMI), basal metabolic rate (BMR), body fat percentage, and track your weight history. You’ll have to do the measurements yourself, of course, but all the math is taken care of. Your weight history is displayed only as a simple list, and the lack of even a simple graph takes away from the feature.

This app has a lot of nice features for beginner to moderate users. The body map exercise locator is a great help if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, and the calculators allow you to monitor your fitness in a number of useful ways. At $4.99, it’s a little on the pricey side for this category of app, but its unique feature set make it worth the money for users with very specific needs.


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