FitView: Achieve a Wide-Angle Outlook on Your Fitness

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Sometimes, all you’re looking for is a quick, accessible way to review your workout history and progress. If that’s what you need, and you don’t mind doing a little data entry to get it, FitView might be the iPhone/iPod touch app for you.

FitView allows you to store a wide range of fitness-related information in one, convenient location, right on your iPhone. Initially, I thought it was similar to RunKeeper and other apps that use GPS to track your fitness activities and provide information like speed and calories burned. This is not in fact what FitView is meant to do. Instead, you enter information about aerobic workouts, weight, height, etc. and it keeps a log for you.

When you first open FitView, you set up a profile to tie your logged activities and vital stats to, which are then used to generate user-specific trend charts. FitView supports the creation of multiple user profiles, so you and your significant other can set up accounts on the same device. Once your profile is set up, you can add activities, which involves choosing the activity type and filling out a number of fields with info like distance, heart rate, time, and calories burnt. I should note again that you must provide this information, it is not recorded by the app, and only a few fields are automatically calculated.

The Vital Stats menu allows you to monitor weight, body fat, calories consumed, cholesterol, and more. As with the activities, most of the information required by each of these stats must be gathered manually and then entered into the app. On the bright side, you can create your own custom stats using the “Unspecified” category.

Charts that monitor your logged activities are the only truly automated part of the app, and they do provide a good, visual way to evaluate your progress at a glance. This is definitely not an app I’d recommend to someone just getting started with a fitness regimen, or to more casual users. The sheer amount of data you can track with FitView, however, makes it a very useful application for users with more advanced needs, and people who’s health depends on a high level of detail. FitView will cost you $3.99, while FitView Lite, which limits your profiles, activities, and stats, is available free of charge.

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