Share Google Docs with a quick drag and drop in Gmail

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MailgadgetdragdropFolks living in the browser will appreciate this quick-and-easy tidbit of a feature shown over at Digital Inspirations. You can now share a Google Doc simply with a drag-and-drop right in Gmail. First, you’ll need the Google Doc gadget that we mentioned back in October so that your Docs will appear in your Gmail sidebar.

Once you have it there, simply drag the document link into an e-mail and you’ve got an active hyperlink that will share the doc with your e-mail recipient. It’s a small touch, but definitely handy for sharing docs. Note that you could already search for docs in the gadget prior to this update. Also, this saves on bandwidth since it simply puts a link to the shared document, it doesn’t attach the full doc to your e-mail.

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Google should add this info to the gadget’s description–it’s a reason to install it if you’re migrating full-time to GDocs.

Thanks for the most excellent tidbit.

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