Open Thread: Web Worker Thanksgiving


The annual Thanksgiving holiday in the US is coming up next week – and a lot of web workers are preparing to take some downtime away from their computers as a result. Before you go, though, why not take a few minutes to participate in our annual thread of thanks?

There’s been a lot of doom and gloom recently in the news, but for at least some of us, web working remains a bright spot in the landscape. I’m certainly thankful that my own work allows me to skip the daily commute (and not even venture outside on days when the weather is below freezing), and that I have the chance to work with interesting people worldwide on a daily basis.

What about you? What makes you thankful about web work? Share your highlights in the comments!



Two things:

1) When you’re away from the office and the slave-ship environment you are forced to find ways to remain connected, to ensure others think of you and find your contributions integral, and to otherwise be focussed and disciplined in ways that most people never have to. You must rise to the occasion, and you’re a better and more valuable person because of it.

2) Because I can be with my family when I want. I’ve got a 2 year old son. I’m there whenever I need to be and whenever I want to be.

Mike Gale

The web gives you a way to get away from the synthetic world view of the mass media.

In years to come I hope that many people will look back with surprise and horror at this mass media. Shallow analysis, sing the same tune, echo chamber, evil done for the sake of a scoop, unjustly influential, people acan be so stupid… might be some of their thoughts.

On the web we can work to create a sane, fact based information environment.

I know mine is imperfect but it’s better than the fact free nonsense that bombards those taken in by radio, TV and print.

A. Acevedo

I appreciate the fact that in recent years I’ve had an opportunity to telecommute while avoiding overcrowded roads and public transportation. Working from home for an e-commerce company can be a great change of pace.

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