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Is Hulu “Just Reruns”? CEO Says There’s Value in That

“We don’t look at Hulu as a replacement for TV. We look at it as a replacement for reruns.” — Peter Chernin, president and COO of News Corp, Oct. 16

“It’s not an end game. It’s a middle game, maybe. It makes NBC and FOX think they’re in the new media. It makes them feel like they’re doing something…It’s not just about taking television and repurposing it on the Internet. It’s about discovery, It’s about community, it’s about interactivity.” — Michael Eisner, new media investor and former Disney CEO, speaking about Hulu on Oct. 7

When we ran into Hulu CEO Jason Kilar in the hallway at our NewTeeVee Live conference, we asked him what he thought of the criticism that Hulu is just a place for TV reruns on the web.

“Reruns is not enough,” he replied, “but it’s a critical, important part.”

What about doing more than reruns? We also spoke with Kilar about the persistent rumor that Hulu wants to make its own content. Given that Hulu’s expertise is in making a web service, not storytelling, it would seem like a leap. Still, when we asked Kilar if Hulu was planning move into producing original content, he didn’t entirely rule the concept out, saying, “Not anytime soon.”

5 Responses to “Is Hulu “Just Reruns”? CEO Says There’s Value in That”

  1. reruns are great! first off the old content is amazing and have access to a catalog of old content like S.W.A.T. is just cool. catching up on shows old seasons or even being able to go and instantly pull a current show to watch wherever you are is great. the office from last night is a “rerun” on hulu right now. that’s awesome.