Blackberry Storm just $99 at Verizon with New every Two


I just visited the Verizon Wireless web site to see if I would qualify for the $199 price that is appearing everywhere.  This is basically a $249 price less a $50 mail-in rebate.  What I found online really surprised me, after inputting my account information they gave me the $199 price and took another $100 off for the "new every 2" discount.  I didn’t buy one but it sure is tempting at just $99.




I went to the Verizon store this morning and told them about this because I also saw it on website. They basically told me I was crazy. I just called and spoke with a Verizon customer rep and he told me that I was NOT in fact crazy, but that somebody had “hacked into their website and photoshopped the $99 price on there”. The cheapest Blackberry Storm sells for, which is what I am going to pay for it, is $149.99.


No, if you have had a Verizon phone for 2 years and you had a plan $79.99 or more you’re eligible for a $100 discount off of a new phone. $199-$100 is $99

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