Asus Eee PC 1002HA in the flesh, will displace the 1000H



Check the new Asus Eee PC 1002HA on the right alongside the old S101, courtesy of Dave Zatz. And before you jump on me for calling the S101 "old", just remember that it feels like Asus intros a new Eee model every 1.468 weeks. Therefore, if the model was seen a fortnight ago, it’s "old" by my definition.

Anyhoo… Mr. Zatz caught up with the new HA at a press event last night. Good timing too as LAPTOP Magazine has a hands-on just for the shell of it. Maybe they got the HA-HA model because it didn’t have a hard drive and couldn’t be used. Looks nice… not nice enough for me and my full-sized, correctly placed Right-Shift key requirement, but it’s still a looker thanks to the brushed metal finish. LAPTOP notices that it combines features from the older 1000H and the S101: the keyboard is from the former while the trackpad and single-look button are from the latter. Here in the U.S. the 1000H has apparently lived out it’s useful life and gets replaced by this newcomer for $499 on December 1. Based on my logic then, expect an even newer Asus Eee PC model around December 10th. ;)



I like the direction Asus is going here, from a style standpoint. However, the price points are getting a bit out of hand on a lot of these netbooks.

Dave Zatz

On the surface, they both look pretty similar – and much more sophisticated than prior Eee models. I wonder if this is the same 1002HA unit Laptop Mag saw, as it wasn’t powered on. If someone manages to get a reasonably working OS X build on either I might take the plunge.

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