Apple Unleashes A “Perfect Storm” Of Updates

Apple TV 2.3 was not enough. They could not stop at iPhone OS 2.2. Apple had to introduce the perfect storm of updates to impact users of all their systems and devices by unleashing Quicktime H.264 Compatibility Update (now at version 7.5.5) and iTunes 8.0.2 (plus the required download of the new iPhone SDK to match the 2.2 OS release).

While the former only “improves QuickTime compatibility with iChat,” the iTunes update “improves stability and performance” and:

  • addresses a quality issue creating MP3s on some computers
  • fixes a connectivity issue with the iTunes Store when using some Internet proxies with Mac OS X
  • improves accessibility with VoiceOver

The H.264 update will require a restart and I strongly suggest performing all iPhone/iPod Touch updates before upgrading iTunes (always reduce the number of potential things that can go wrong). Both installation packages are available via Software Update and should be available in the download section of Apple’s support site later today. The iTunes installation package is available at the usual download location.

The most impressive part of all these updates is how well the Apple file servers have held up under the load and how much their QA processes have improved. The iPhone update downloaded very quickly and the entire backup/update procedures went very smoothly. iTunes did not clobber my libraries and I had no issues with the Apple TV 2.3 update (yes, I was willing to give up Boxee for a peek at the new “official” features). The SDK download went faster than any other one I have attempted to grab and install, and it successfully compiled and installed one of my in-development apps without incident.

Let’s hope Apple manages to make this the “new normal” for all their updates.