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Yahoo’s Primetime in No Time Hits 100M Views

Hey Mr. or Ms. Web Series Maker. You might grumble that if you were featured on the Yahoo home page, it wouldn’t be so hard to hit 100 million views. And you’d be right.

primetimeinnotimeBut Primetime in No Time, Yahoo’s original TV recap show, has actually hit that milestone, just eight months after its launch, Yahoo told NewTeeVee Wednesday. That’s one of the largest totals we’ve ever heard for an original web series.

The show, which is hosted by comedian Frank Nicotero and features guest commentators like Coolio, draws 4 million streams per week. And this success comes with a very conservative approach to social media and distribution — no embeds, no syndication outside Yahoo sites, no comments even.

PiNT, which is made in Santa Monica, Calif. and comes out weekdays, devotes about 75 percent of its coverage to reality television, said Sibyl Goldman, VP and GM of Yahoo Entertainment. That’s because reality shows are ripe with “those silly gotcha moments” and are broadly accessible — perfect qualities for a rapid-fire recap show.

The Verizon-sponsored show’s agenda is in part inspired by Yahoo search, which is often dominated by TV-related queries. Just prior to our call, Goldman checked the top three searches on Yahoo on Wednesday. They were: “Mary Delgado,” “Julianna Margulies,” and “Dancing with the Stars” — all TV. The Primetime in No Time team quickly produces timely, topical content on the topics of the day and then sprinkles the video across Yahoo’s various entertainment properties and gets “lots of promotion on Yahoo’s front page.” Viewers, in turn, can get a quick laugh and feel hip to what happened on TV last night.

“Thank goodness for the web, it gives us data and it gives us trends,” said Goldman, “and we can give it in return context and a point of view, and I think everyone’s happy.”

How have Yahoo’s other original video shows fared? Fantasy Football Live gets 250,000 streams per week (and it’s live!), the Yahoo Sports Minute sees 115,000 average daily streams, and Yahoo Finance‚Äôs Tech Ticker gets 420,000 average daily streams, according to Yahoo’s internal data. And though nothing is certain at Yahoo these days, Goldman said that additional original content initiatives were in the works.

7 Responses to “Yahoo’s Primetime in No Time Hits 100M Views”

  1. Gil Cardona

    I rarely write or respond in any way to computer news, etc. I appreciate the news on Prime Time, however it takes a lot of fortitude to listen to the rantings and screaming at us by “comedian” Frank Nicotero…He would be tolerable if he didn’t scream at us. He seems to be full of himself….Frank…please, TAKE A STEP BACK! I will listen more faithfully…I’ll bet others have the same feelings….we aren’t all in the 15 year old to 30 year old bracket and you just might expand your viewing public.

  2. This should be good news for Yahoo as they have seen other aspects of their business not doing as well. With the trend moving more and more towards online television, it is not surprise that these shows are doing well. And it is good to see yahoo is listening to its users. By researching their top search queries, they have created a show to cater to their largest market. I havent seen the Primetime in No time, however I have seen the Fantasy Football Live show and it is the best show in its category, especially for a live broadcast.