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Mini DisplayPort to Dual-DVI Delayed Until December 23

As if it wasn’t aggravating enough that new MacBook owners had to go out and replace all of their video adapters since Mini-DVI has been phased out and Mini DisplayPort introduced, today those lucky enough to have a 30-inch external monitor are now out of luck…again.

In an email to customers who’d purchased the Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual-DVI adapter, which is required to get full-resolution support on 30-inch external monitors, Apple regrettably informed those affected that they wouldn’t see delivery of their items until December 23. At least it’s before Christmas, right? Still leaves you time to wrap it and stuff it in that stocking.

Seriously, this is a significant delay for a product that many users depend upon for professional and work-related purposes. The original timeline for the adapter’s release already saw it coming a full month after the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros shipped, which had many users already complaining. With another month added, accusations that Apple is dropping the ball will only get louder.

The adapter, which costs $99, also occupies an additional USB slot to fulfill its power needs. The product’s ordering page at the Apple Store now shows expected shipping time at 4 to 5 weeks. In the letter notifying purchasers of the new shipping date, Apple cites only “an unexpected delay” as the cause of the additional wait time. They also offer the option of canceling your order in exchange for a full refund, but that’s not really an option if you need the adapter. Read the full notification email at 9to5mac.

It appears as though they’re having trouble dealing with their rapid growth. Has this delay affected you in any way?

4 Responses to “Mini DisplayPort to Dual-DVI Delayed Until December 23”

  1. Does it really require the USB port for power needs? I thought that was just to plug in so that any USB ports on the monitor it’s plugged into were accessible. Bummer about the delay. When I reported on this a couple weeks ago, it was still saying 4 to 5 weeks back then too. At least Apple’s saying an actual date now.

  2. I was also notified of the delay. I was willing to just live with a laptop screen for a month.. Was not happy about it, but another month? Geez this is getting crazy.

    For something this simple there must be a big problem with the adapter (like it doesn’t work, does not pass FCC regulations, or something else equally scary).

    My 30″ display, keyboard and mouse are all just sitting there waiting for this damn cable.