Import an Asus R50A UMPC for under $1,400

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Asus_r50a_lgEarlier in the week we saw the Asus R50A on sale for 1,475 Euros and that time, the U.S. price roughly equated to nearly $1,900. Way too much these days for a UMPC. I still don’t see Asus selling too many of these, but if your heart was broken by the massive price, how does $1,399 grab you? Still too much for my blood given other less-expensive alternatives on the market. Some might be more apt to place an order at that price though, so hop over to Dynamism, which is where I saw this deal.The 7.8 x 3.9 x 1.1 incher weighs 1.1 pounds and includes a DVD Rewriter, stylus, headphones, VGA cable, and a wireless keyboard, making the price package a little easier to swallow. The R50A is powered by a 1.33GHz Atom, 1GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD drive for Windows Vista Business. It also sports a 1024×600 5.6-inch touchscreen, 802.11g, Bluetooth and integrated HSDPA radio for 3G connectivity. The big downer in my book is the 2600 mAh battery, but this isn’t a device you’re going to run Vista on all day in room without electrical outlets, is it? You’ll need to chill out until just before Christmas for this deal: Dynamism doesn’t expect to ship these until December 22nd, unless Santa can get the Elves to crank ’em out faster.

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Corrupted Mind

Wow. Clearly someone at Asus HQ took my threats of doubling up seriously (as of course they do) because the price of this little UMPC is falling (fast). My one-two punch of MID (Aigo) and Netbook is currently priced at a princely £850 and as much as I desire trying out the Aigo MID practically my life only needed one device. So compared to the ASUS price of £875 – they are in range. The real problem however is that my pricing “sweet spot” is between £600-700 (about the price of a MacBook) so they both have a little way to go! (I think the “one-two” punch will win this particular race, as both the price of the Aigo and the Evernote is falling rapidly because of the brutal competition, in the case of the Evernote and the arrival of new MID’s in the case of the Aigo)

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