The Latest Iteration Of Honey Magazine


imageUrban lifestyle publication Honey Magazine, which has had something of a tortured history, is back again, but in a new format:, slated to go live in Q109, will blend fashion, entertainment and other content (including video) with social-media features from as-yet-unlaunched sister site Parent company Sahara Media Holdings, Inc. actually rolled out a version of in June 2007, though it mostly served as a central hub for about 35 blogs.

Founded by Harris Publications, Honey Magazine changed hands a few times. Vanguarde Media acquired it in 1999, then ceased publication when it filed for bankruptcy in 2003 (via NYT). Sahara Media picked up the brand for $600,000 in 2005, and has since invested about $3.4 million into Honey and its proposed digital offshoots like Honey Hair and Honey UK. Honey had attracted well over 1.5 million readers before its demise — and Sahara plans to leverage the former subscriber database to help entice online advertisers. Major competitors in the space include Glam Media’s Black Life division (headed by a former Sahara Media exec) and Vibe magazine offshoot Vibe Vixen.

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