T-Mobile USA Relaunches T-Zones With Web Content And App Store


T-Mobile USA is unveiling its new portal strategy on Thursday, which integrates Yahoo! (NSDQ: YHOO) search, and an application storefront similar to the one found on the iPhone. We first reported on this in August. The new portal is being called web2go, and is replacing the company’s long-standing T-Zones experience. The portal will initially be rolled out to the company’s current line-up of handsets, excluding the T-Mobile G1 and the Sidekick, and then slowly to older phones.

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Think of this as the consumer-facing side of an announcement made in September, in which the fourth-largest carrier unveiled its devPartner Community Program. The program allows developers to forgo a time-consuming business development arrangement with T-Mobile, and instead submit their applications online and agree to a pre-determined revenue split. What’s new for the subscriber is that the store will display applications in order of how they are ranked by user reviews. Ian McKerlich, T-Mobile’s director of mobile Web and content services, said: “With user rankings, they will rate applications on a five-star scale, and they’ll be able to say which downloads that they

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