Myxer Surpasses 15 Million Users, Hires CFO And EVP Of Sales


Ad-supported mobile entertainment firm Myxer has surpassed 15 million users and has added a CFO and EVP of sales to its management team. The company, which primarily sells ringtones, wallpapers and games, has grown fifteen-fold from the 1 million users it had 18 months ago. In that time, the company has also expanded its catalog from 300,000 items to more than 1.7 million and has increased the number of content providers on board from 10,000 to 100,000. Myxer has also hired Tom Severson to serve as CFO and Roger Pavane to fill the EVP of sales role. Release.


Pissed Off

Verizon is actively blocking them due to the copyright and content issues (not all age appropriate). Myxer keeps trying to get around this, but Verizon is not happy AT ALL with them.

Yes, for the user generated content companies that review and screen content, this is a perplexing situation. Where is the RIAA? Where are the record labels.

How can these folks (and Phone Zoo) get away with this crap?


Yes, I'd be surprised if they haven't received cease and desist orders from all the major publishers. If not they should.


Myxer doesn't primarily sell ringtones, they enable the theft of licensed content.

To call this a credible, upstanding business is laughable.

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