Industry Moves: WaPo Appoints Ravindran As New Chief Digital Officer; Leading New R&D Team

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The Washington Post Company (NYSE: WPO) has created a new position of chief digital officer, and has named Vijay Ravindran; he will start in February of next year. Ravindran is currently the CTO of of Catalist, a startup political tech firm that built a national voter database. This past election cycle, Catalist worked with Obama for America presidential campaign, among others. Prior to that, Ravindran was a director at ** for the ordering services group. More details in release.

Not clear: if his responsibilities are on the tech side, similar to what a CIO does, or if this is a business position. Also, will he overlook all digital businesses at the entire company including WaPo Online and the new-ish Slate Group? More as we find out from the company.

Update 1: The company clarifies: This is a tech position, so perhaps more in the mold of a CIO(see below)…

Update 2: Turns out the company’s being a bit coy about his exact mandate, and possibly for competitive reasons, based on the job description that a source sent me: “[The person] will be responsible for building and leading a small Research and Development team that is working on new Internet products for the Company. This person

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