Ofcom Report: Broadband Sales Slowing, Web Gets Fifth Of Ad Spend


The global communications market reached £876 billion in revenue last year with the UK contributing £39 billion or 4.4 percent of that, the fourth largest market behind the US, Japan and Germany. That’s according to media regulator Ofcom, which has released its third international communications market report, which takes in the five years to end of 2007 and surveys seven countries. The UK, US, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Japan accounted for half of the £876 billion total. Here’s a summary of the report’s key points:

Online ads: It may come as news to the UK publishers who continually struggle to make big returns from online, but according to Ofcom online makes up 19 percent of UK advertising spend, a bigger share than in any other country in the world. Sweden comes next with 17 percent and only the US, Japan and Canada can boast a share higher than 10 per cent.

Broadband connections: The UK is placed third among similar-sized European countries in terms of broadband connections, with one connection for every four people, behind the Netherlands with 25 percent and Sweden with 21 percent penetration. But Brits spend more time online than anyone else in Europe

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