Apple Talking To More Labels About DRM-Free Music

Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is talking to the three remaining major labels about adding more DRM-free, MP3 tracks, a year after EMI signed on. UMG, Sony (NYSE: SNE) BMG and WMG are still talking to Apple, and at least one is close to an agreement, this report says. Meanwhile Amazon’s music store, Napster (NSDQ: NAPS), Rhapsody and other have already amassed on the MP3 deals with these labels, but no specific evidence yet that DRM-free has spurred the sales of song downloads in the last year. One evidence does point out that with price parity, users prefer DRM-free over DRMed songs…who wouldn’t?

Meanwhile, that persnickety MySpace Music CEO hasn’t signed on yet, has he?