Verizon’s HTC Touch getting OS upgrade, faster 3G, GPS


HtctouchHow did I miss the fact that the HTC Touch on Verizon Wireless’s network doesn’t come with Rev. A support for EV-DO? I’d think that by now, every 3G phone on the network is Rev. A and not the slower Rev. 0. After all, the entire network has been Rev. A-capable since July of 2007! Regardless of my oversight on that, it’s all good now because there’s a firmware update coming soon for the Touch.

Aside from the 3G support bump, the operating system moves up from Windows Mobile 6 to 6.1, adds Opera Mobile and Brighthand says that GPS support is included as well; makes sense because VZNavigator is there as well. Phonenews got their mitts on the update and have it available for download, but you might want to wait for the offiical bits from Verizon Wireless. Then again, it took this long to get Rev. A on the HTC Touch, so maybe you’ll want to jump on this now after all.



First I thought you forgot “Pro” after Touch. Then I had to check the date. Then finally I saw the word “Verizon” and mystery solved.


For those stuck with the Touch and unable to upgrade to he upcoming Touch Diamond or Touch Pro, yeah, it’s pretty good news.

Then again, both of the new devices are going to be feature-gimped by Verizon (less RAM, slower processor, and locked-down GPS, plus no TV-out for the Touch Pro), so you might be better off saving some cash and going for the Touch if you’re a Verizon subscriber.

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