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Does this have a SIM card slot for it to be used with GSM networks?

I’d have to agree with tnkgrl a device like this should have wifi.

I hope RIM comes out with a non Verizon branded Storm with WiFi.


James, you’re missing the point about the lack of WiFi:

– Some people prefer an affordable prepaid voice/SMS plan, and rely on WiFi for data (often free and plentiful in cities)
– You can’t surf the web with EVDO on Virgin America’s WiFi-equipped planes
– WiFi allows unique additional features for a phone on your WLAN (see the iPhone Remote app, for example)

I’m of the opinion that a device the Storm’s caliber should have WiFi.

Daniel Seiden

I am curious to see how the keyboard is. I have heard mixed comments on it from people who have touched one. Certainly looks like a nice device. Wi-Fi would have been a cool addition but if the network is good enough there is really no need.

James Kendrick

The Verizon EV-DO network is so good in urban areas that I don’t miss WiFi at all. I’m one of those who are happy with 3G over WiFi on mobile devices when necessary. I’ll have video posted of the Storm on 3G shortly. :)


If you need to test it in a rural area, you can send it my way. Ya big dog you! :)



Verizon’s EVDO is stellar. And I’m stuck with ATT’s “3G”. =/


It’s Verizon… enough EV-DO Rev.A coverage to overcome the lack of WiFi.


This is the first time I’ve ever been interested in a BlackBerry review (or a BlackBerry for that matter).


Interested in your review.

…and, yes, we never did see your review of the G1.


@ bob cob

Copy/paste is not an issue with Blackberries. Come to think of it, the iPhone is the only smartphone, that I’m aware of, that has this issue.

bob cobb

test out how well copy paste works on it with text and urls. I might get rid of my iPhone for this if its worth it


I call dibs if you ever decide to give it away! And also, exactly how did you pull off this trick?

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