Runcore SSD offers low-cost speed for netbooks

Hear that noise, traditional magnetic storage? It’s the sound of Solid State Disk technology that’s creeping up behind you. jkkmobile shares news and the above video on Runcore’s new mini-PCIe SSD products, which are fast but won’t totally break the bank. How fast? jkk ran speed-tests on the storage and thanks to the high-quality controller paired with the MLC flash memory, he saw reads top out over 70Mbps with writes at a very solid 50Mbps. To give you some perspective, the SSD storage in my Acer Aspire One weighed in at 37 MBps for reads and an anemic 3 Mbps for writes.

So we can see in the video demonstration that XP on a netbook flies around with this SSD product. "So what’s the cost like?" is bound to be your next question. Pricing varys based on the four offered capacities of course, but here’s the rundown:

  • 16GB = $69
  • 32GB = $119
  • 64GB = $199
  • 128GB = $389

If you use a netbook as a true companion device, you just might get by with the 16GB module and that price for these speeds, it’s not a bad deal in my book. jkk has links to the products if you’re ready to plunk down some cash for your cache.


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