Google brews up Contact sync for BlackBerry right before the Storm


GooglesyncforblackberryI don’t know if the timing was coincidental with this not-so-secret new BlackBerry, but the Google Mobile team just updated the Google Sync application. The software now supports two-way contact synchronization with BlackBerry handsets and it already supported Google Calendar, so you’re covered there as well. There appear to be a few bugs reported by some early adapters and I’m not terribly surprised.

When I started to sync Google Contacts with my iPhone, it was rough going at first. I remember struggling with multiple contacts and it took some sorting out. Still, once I got things the way I wanted, it’s been working rock solid and my contacts are accessable from any connected browser and my handset.


Susan Kechijian

I still can’t get my google calendar to sync with my BB Storm. It did it twice, now it won’t sync. HELP



I had the same issue, I got all my contacts messed up and had to erase everything on both ends (Bberry and Google Contacts). I never saw Google do such a poor job with a new product. the last two products from this company are starting to look like Microsoft’s – Chrome is not too good, and this contact sync is really unreliable. Blah….

Dan P

So i tried this sync. Lost all of my contacts, dont have an option for blackberry wins on sync.

So now since i haven’t been home to syne my blackberry i have lost everything and have no way to get anything bacak. Im beyond furious. I hate you so much goodl, you think that thay would be smarter then this i guess not!


Now how about something for Windows Mobile… care to throw us a bone guys? No calendar/contact sync, no google talk, and no nice web apps like the iPhone.

Jose Mendiola

Well, I found the answer: this issue is only for non English BlackBerries. Just switch the language to English in My Google and you are done


James forgot to ask can you keep us posted on how well the sync goes in the next few days of use. Thanks.


I use Google Calendar sync with my BB and once it made copies of the same appointments. So now what I did is made sure that under the options you choose “On Conflicts” Handheld Wins. This way no matter what your BB is wins on sync. I might give it a try but I will back up my BB then try it, so if for some reason it doesn’t work or makes or deletes contacts I can just restore from backup. I have over 600 contacts which are for my job. I sure don’t want this messed up.


I think I’ll hold off on this one. It’s one thing for an occasional calendar screwup, but I can’t chance Google messing up my contacts.

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