BenQ, Lenovo MIDs washing up on shores of U.S., U.K.



Now don’t go running down to the beach expecting to find MIDs among the seashells… the post title is figurative. You can literally, however, hit up the eXpansys U.S. or U.K. site and place your pre-order for two MIDs that are scarce in these parts. Scarcer than the MID market in general, that is. There’s no price announced for either MID, but Pocketables notes that eXpansys is taking orders for both the BenQ S6 and the Lenovo IdeaPad U8, which might be the only MID with a name that’s bigger than the device itself. Any takers?



@Buyer Beware

What a rediculous statement. You must be working for Microsoft’s FUD factory. Linux is open source. They are required to make the source code available, otherwise they violate the license agreement.

Now…Windows on the other hand is closed source. Who knows what is in there, since only Microsoft is allowed to see the code?

Buyer Beware

Would you buy any product which has its operating system developed (well actually they didn’t develop it, they ‘borrowed’ all the effort of RedHat and say they have the copyright) by the Communist Chinese government?

The BenQ S6 OS is ‘RedFlag Linux’ released by a company controlled by the Chinese government.

Wonder what little sneaky surprises there are in there and what will it ‘phone home’ to China?

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