AdMob reveals that iPhone is popular for browsing. Really!

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AdmobrequestsNot really a news flash to most folks, but if you’re a numbers-crunching kind of person, the latest AdMob metrics report might give you something to chew on. I’ll cut to the chase: they say that the iPhone is the number one smartphone worldwide in mobile browsing. Here in the U.S., their metrics show the iPhone is only behind the RAZR in terms of web-browsing. I honestly can’t say when I ever last saw someone immerse themselves on the Internet with a RAZR, but how can I argue with AdMob? They provide ads to over 6,000 mobile content publishers, which equates to more than 5 billion, with a "b", mobile banner and text ads per month. Turns out that all that advertising code makes it pretty darn easy to track what devices and platforms are viewing them.

A few other quotable tidbits for those that plan to skip the full PDF report:

  • The iPhone is now the #1 device in the AdMob Network with 4.1% share of requests in October.  Since AdMob launched its ad units for iPhone sites and applications, iPhone requests have increased from 28 million requests in July to 236 million requests in October.  This month, we break out iPhone requests by country and region.
  • 62.8% of iPhone requests were from the US, where the iPhone is the #2 device behind the RAZR. 5.0% of iPhone requests came from the UK, where the iPhone is the #3 device behind the Nokia N95 and Sony Ericsson K800i.  Other top markets include Canada, France, Japan, Australia, and Germany.
  • As part of our commitment to providing detailed insight into different regions, this month we provide traffic, manufacturer, and device data for Latin America & the Caribbean.  Traffic from the region increased 138% in the last 12 months to 109 million requests in October 2008.  The fastest growing countries in the region were Puerto Rico, Guyana, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Mexico.
  • Motorola, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson all have greater than 20% market share in Latin America and are each leaders in different markets. The Motorola RAZR is the top device in the region with 10.3% share and is a Top 20 Handset in each of the top Latin American markets.
  • Worldwide requests grew 13.8% month over month to 5.8 billion.  US requests grew 7.9% to 2.2 billion and UK requests grew 16.0% to 229 million in October 2008.
  • Sony Ericsson passed Motorola and is now the #2 handset manufacturer worldwide.  Apple jumped ahead of LG and RIM and is now the #5 handset manufacturer worldwide.

Bear in mind that this data is based solely on AdMob’s platform. Although it provides meaningful trends, it doesn’t encompass global data from various sources.

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The iPhone might be popular for browsing and other devices / OSs more popular elsewhere – but it (and similar) smartphones that rely almost entirely on wireless data to provide their core services are limited by the cost of that data.

As reported here –

– Canadians like their smartphones but not the cost of the cost of the data plans, so many features are not being employed. Wi-fi capable phones are keeping the market alive in the home consumer market – so iPhone still has a market, while devices like the Blackberry Storm and Curve are a lot less favoured.

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