SyncMate Connects Your Mac and Pocket PC


SyncMateOne of the obvious needs for a Web Worker on the go is the ability to keep data synchronized across your multiple devices. Your options can vary wildly depending on your combination of hardware.

For those with a Mac on your desk but a PC in your pocket, Eltima Software offers SyncMate, a software solution to keep your Mac and mobile device connected. SyncMate Free lets you connect your Mac with your PDA or Pocket PC (aka Windows Mobile device), keeping documents, contacts, calendars and more all up to date across both devices.

Support for Entourage and Google Calendar and Contacts seem like nice touches. Sync is available via USB or WiFi.

The Expert Edition adds support for iTunes and iPhoto along with to-dos, mail, bookmarks, call history and more.


We didn’t have anyone here with this hardware combination to test (it seems most Mac users I know have one of those iPhones) so if you try it be sure to let us know your opinions.

SyncMate is available for free download while the Expert Edition runs $39.95. Additional Family Pack and Business License options are available.

It is compatible with Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2005/2006, Windows Mobile Smartphone 2005/2006 and Mac OS X 10.4 and higher / Mac OS X 10.5

Do you need to connect a Mac with a Pocket PC/Windows Mobile device? What do you use?


Owen Peery

I use Macs but have an HTC touch in my pocket. I just use bluetooth to sync files photos etc and all my google calendar and contacts sync online. I mean I don’t sync my devices to each other I sync each of them to my online sources. I think an iphone would make all of this easier but in the absence of an iphone it has forced me to move more towards the cloud. Which makes synching devices less a problem. Still, this software looks promising and I may try out the free version to see if it is simpler than my current arrangement.

Judith Elaine Bush

I’ve been using Missing Sync for several years now. I use the palm to Mac version; however, they support several other mobile operating systems, including Windows Mobile. I’ve been delighted with it.

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