Peek e-mail device gains unlimited texts, image viewing

Gray_learnI’ve held off on a full review of the Peek handheld I have on loan but I need to get on it. Up to now, it was a little barebones for my usage. I’ll have to get on the review soon but before I do, I can share some good news for the Peeksters out there. There was a service upgrade last night from the company and it adds two key features that make the Peek more usable by a larger audience.

First up is the ability to send text messages from the up-to-now e-mail only device. Just enter the 10 digit cell number of your recipient in the To: field. Next up is the ability to view image attachments on the handheld. That was killing me in my usage so this is a nice add-on. The device supports .JPG, .GIF, .PNG and .BMP file formats when you click the "View Image" option. I’ve found the Peek to be useful, but in a very limited sort of fashion for my usage patterns. These two new features help and for some, basic e-mail at $20 a month is good enough. Add unlimited texting in there and it becomes a little more compelling of a purchase. Especially now that the price dropped from $99 to $79 for the hardware.


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