UPDATE: No you can’t have it: Internet Explorer 6 Mobile will only come on new phones


Ms_nbc_desktop_zoomed_out_1The web browsing experience in Windows Mobile has long been terrible if users stick with the default web browser.  Internet Explorer Mobile has never been good at all and that’s the reason that Opera Mini/ Mobile has done so well.  Microsoft has been touting for a good year that the next version of the browser would be very cool, Internet Explorer 6 Mobile would finally start competing with those third party browsers in an area in which Microsoft has no business being poor.  The new browser will start hitting the shelves by the end of the year, but only on new devices.  Microsoft has stated that it will not be available to current Windows Mobile customers in any fashion and that new devices are the only way to get it:

Regarding making IE Mobile available as a separate download or update,the rich media experiences that IE Mobile 6 enables require morepowerful, advanced devices. That is why it will not be available as anupgrade or direct download for current phones, but rather will be madeavailable on new phones.

This is a total load of bunk, I’m sorry.  Other browsers are currently available even better than what Microsoft has demonstrated in this as yet unreleased browser and they run just fine on today’s hardware.  This is the perfect example of how broken the Windows Mobile ecosystem is today.  Microsoft is so beholden to the partners who produce the devices that they leave important decisions like who gets an upgrade to those partners.  This shoots the existing customer in the foot every single time and it’s getting very old indeed.  Don’t forget that Microsoft’s partners on Windows Mobile devices are usually the carriers, and they always have customers best interests at heart.

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UPDATE: Reports are coming in that the first device to ship with Internet Explorer Mobile 6 is the Samsung Omnia being released in China.  Why China?

Scott Rockfeld, Microsoft’s director of Windows Mobile, mobilecommunications business, told ZDNet Asia over the phone Tuesday thatChina Mobile was chosen as the first operator to get mobile IE6 because Microsoft hopes to tap the vast growth in the number of new mobileusers in the country.

“We want to have users in [emerging markets] get their first onlineexperience with Windows Mobile,” he said. “Our target is not to convertexisting users of the competing phones like the iPhone or Google’sAndroid. We want to grow faster than the market.

So take that you.  You already have alternatives available besides Windows Mobile so you don’t need it.  Straight from Microsoft.

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Aura: Not only do I totally agree with your comments I have to tell you you have a delightful way with words. My son recently bought an extremely expensive very cool phone but it took him days to clean up the “crapware” that it was “buggered up” with. Works real well now.


Is MS stupid? They must be,
They are trying their hardest to kill WinMo as a competitor to Android and the iPhone.

Mike Klein

It would be cuh-razy if they actually let users get this via WM update, huh?

Shi%…I’ve had my 8525 for 2? years almost now and not a single damn update other than croatian fonts in the whole time.

So how do I deal with this stupidity? I’m not going to be upgrading my phone anytime soon…no more phone every 1-2 years. I’ll keep using my 8525 till the thing disentegrates.

I’m watching Android developments closely.

I want a phone which has a high enough cpu to allow me to skype w/bluetooth and in general do at least 2 tasks at once.

And my next UI won’t require a stylus.

I will buy any phone which in the browser will let me get Hulu, etc. Then I’m sold.

Throw in an external vga and high-res for tv hookup w/bt keyboard/etc….and I’m even more sold!!!


Doesn’t this all boil down to the “subsidized” issue? If we all bought phones at fair market value from the manufacturers before the carriers had a chance to bugger them up with their crapware, then we might have devices more like our laptops onto which we could install whatever browser (and other software) floats our boat. I don’t get my home handset from Ma Bell anymore and I have far more choices than I did back in those dark ages.


Honestly its not that much of a big deal considering that Opera and Skyfire are much better than IE anyway, even with the updated version.


This, and smart phones generally, seems pretty f-ing stupid. So one the windows side, the carriers decide everything. on the mac side, they decide everything (like no flash because it’ll compete with their app store).

Why don’t they just let you do what you want with your damn phone? Why can’t you just choose any combination of phone hardware + OS + carrier that you want?

Am I wrong, or is this request just too ‘unreasonable’?


All the more reason to find a nice cooked ROM now. Is this the ecosystem you wanted, Microsoft? Is it?

James Kendrick

GoodThings, it is totally up to the carrier, not the h/w device. If they want you to have the update then you’ll get it, otherwise no.

William C Bonner

I don’t understand how http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=246 exists, and posts some of the software that stays available, but It’s the only reason that I’ve been happy with my year and a half old T-Mobile Dash. If I was limited to running the software that T-Mobile makes available, I’d think that the platform itself was terrible.


I’m sure that by “new phones” they’ll mean “new models” like the Diamond, Touch Pro, Palm 800w, etc. that have faster processors and more memory.

Gavin Miller

Yep, that’s just a load of nonsense. Take the Dell Axim X50v PDA, a model that is still as powerful as any WinMo phone or PDA on the market yet is pushing 5 years old. IE6 would run great on such a device and there are many more similar devices out there. Grrr.

Thank goodness for XDA Developers and the work they do!

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