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Fashion Your Firefox Into a Web-Working Machine

addonguy-largeMy Firefox is jam-packed with add-ons. I love them, I collect them, I use them.

I probably overindulge, in fact. Some people, however, are not using them to their full potential, or simply not using them at all. It makes sense if you just have a clean browser policy, but if you’re not aware of what’s available, then you could be missing out.

Mozilla’s new Fashion Your Firefox web application is designed to make add-ons more accessible, and easier to find and install.

The existing Firefox add-ons page can be daunting. Fashion Your Firefox takes the guesswork out of add-on browsing, grouping them thematically based on over-arching types. Yes, it may be reductionist, but it also saves you a lot of aimless wandering on the add-ons page.

The categories Mozilla puts forward are meant to apply to people in general, but web workers take note: each also represents an industry or professional field.

Finder and Seeker = Research Analyst
StumbleUpon and Interclue are great tools for finding connections and deepening your initial information gathering phase when conducting broad, open-ended search-based research.

Social Butterfly = Networker, Social Media Professional
LinkedIn Companion is valuable for any web professional, but especially for people in the business of being connected. Yoono, Facebook, and TwitterFox are likewise great tools in the socializer’s arsenal.

Shutterbug = Freelance Photographer, Media Buyer
Fotofox is a must have for the online photographer, and Cooliris makes the daunting task of sifting through thousands of photos looking for just the right image for that ad mock-up a much more pleasurable experience.

Digital Packrat = Project Manager, Managing Editor
Make sure you’re on the same page wherever you go with Foxmarks. I can’t count how many times I’ve said “I wish I had that bookmark on this computer” before installing this add-on. Likewise, Delicious.

Rock Star = Musician, Concert Promoter, Agent
Keep track of your own or your client’s music, track similar artists to organize tours, stay on top of trends and manage your audience.

Decorator = Design Professional
Mostly frivolous, but creative professionals sometimes thrive on frivolity. These themes could provide the inspiration needed to generate that layout that’ll wow your client.

Shopaholic = Professional Shopper, eBay Powerseller
eBay as a constant companion. For those of you in this field, I don’t think I need to say more.

News Junkie = Reporter, Blogger
If I didn’t have Wizz RSS reader and Morning Coffee, I wouldn’t be able to do my job. Also, on a side note, ForecastFox keeps my obsessive need for weather updates under control.

Executive Assistant = Well, this one’s kinda obvious.
ReminderFox will help anyone stay on top of things. This is another category great for the obsessive micro-manager.

Now that I’ve translated Fashion Your Firefox for web workers, go out and get downloading.

Add-ons can be overwhelming, so it’s great Mozilla has produced this list, but don’t stop there. As you test these, see what you like and don’t like, and use those “This is nice, but I wish I could…” moments to drive your searches for better, more suitable extensions.

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  1. Add-ons can make the interface feel more natural. A reductionist approach to downloading them in themed sets seems typical of Firefox. The organization is adept at user friendly interface, with superior design, plus logos that are reminiscent of children’s book illustrations.