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Fashion Your Firefox: Easily Find Add-ons

Today, Mozilla has released Fashion Your Firefox, a new Web application that enables Firefox users to customize their browser based on their interests and online activities. It provides a simple way to find appropriate add-ons that fit your lifestyles, showcasing them in a simple and easy-to-install way.

“One of the best parts about Firefox is the amazing richness of our 5,000-plus free add-ons,” said Mike Shaver, vice president of engineering at Mozilla. This new venture aims to personalize the browsing experience, allowing you to select a category of web user you feel you fit into. The categories you might fall into with Fashion Your Firefox are:

  • Shutterbug: View and share pictures and videos online
  • Rock Star: Listen to music while surfing, working, emailing or researching online
  • News Junkie: Get the most up-to-date news and weather
  • Shopaholic: Shop and take advantage of online deals
  • Digital Pack Rat: Keep track of favorite sites, bookmarks and blogs
  • Social Butterfly: Share, bookmark, and e-mail web pages via an array of social networking & bookmarking sites
  • Finder and Seeker: Find and make information on the Web more relevant
  • Decorator: Apply browser themes
  • Executive Assistant: Organize online activities

Mozilla has also announced that, to date, there have been over 1 billion downloads of Firefox add-ons. That’s an awfully large number of downloads, and undoubtedly shows that any new way to organize popular and relevant add ons will be welcome by users. Fashion Your Firefox seems set to be a great way of ensuring that Firefox users aren’t overwhelmed by the sheer number of add-ons available.

Developers are also excited at the potential of reaching a wider target audience. Garrett Camp, co-founder and chief architect at StumbleUpon, stated:

StumbleUpon helps millions of users discover new Web content based on their interests. With Fashion Your Firefox, we look forward to introducing personalized Web discovery to a much larger audience.

It’s great news for developers who are fortunate enough to have their application featured in the list, but not so great for those left out. It will be interesting to see how often Mozilla updates this catalog of add-ons to reflect changes in demand and popularity, along with giving exposure to a wider range of developers.

It once again raises the question of whether Apple will choose to introduced some type of add-on system to Safari in future years. One billion downloads of Firefox extensions would certainly suggest that the demand would be there.

Take a look at the site and see what you feel you’d benefit from. You might just find a tool that improves your browsing experience dramatically.

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