Android phone opens garage door when owner (and phone) come home

Googleandroidsdkv09And this my friends, is the sweetness that comes with a more open platform: cool hackery! I wouldn’t have the programming chops to pull this off, but Brad Fitzpatrick has his G1 handset automatically open the garage door at his house whenever he comes home. Since his phone knows all about his home WiFi network, the device recognizes when Brad gets home and shoots an HTTP request to a webserver that controls his garage door. Brad can either start his application manually on the ride home or simply have the Android handset sniff around for his home network every few seconds.

The source code is available so if you have a G1 and webserver that controls your garage door, you’re in business! I’ve been looking into home automation for a bit now and I’d love to have some type of "proximity detector" on my phone for things like this. You know… something that starts the coffee when I come downstairs in the morning. Maybe have the stereo start up to my favorite tunes when I sit in my comfy chair. Something to put the seat down when I leave the…uh… well, you know… everyday kind of things. ;)

(via Hackszine)


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