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Yahoo CEO Search: Obama-Like Immediate Priorities

imageAs soon as Yahoo’s new CEO takes over, he/she will have a herculean task ahead to right the ship, not unlike the challenges our President-Elect faces, but for the scale of issues. Among them:

— Its ongoing talks with AOL/Time Warner,
— Reviving any hopes of talks with Microsoft.
— Any other possible combinations with the likes of MySpace/News Corp (NYSE: NWS) and others.
— The collapsed advertising/search deal with Google (NSDQ: GOOG), and any remnant hopes of reviving it in any limited form.
— The looming jobs cuts (1,500 for now) and possibly more to come.
— Decisions on which product lines to keep or close.
— Decisions on spin-offs, if any.
— Decisions on international arms in Japan and other countries.
— Trying to retain and revive Yahoo’s lead in display/branded advertising. Advertisers and media planners still love the reach.

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2 Responses to “Yahoo CEO Search: Obama-Like Immediate Priorities”

  1. digital bear

    He is one of the 10%– maybe he can take another 10-15% with him (including Hillary & Sue Decker who have done just as much to destroy shareholder value.)

    Let's talk about possible new CEOs:

    1-Tom Freston
    2-Dan Rosensweig
    3-Jon Miller
    4-Meg Whitman (now that she lost the other campaign)
    5-Carly Fiorinia (see point 4)