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Springpad - LogoMany of us who have embraced The Web as the place for our stuff have looked to applications like Backpack, Evernote, or Google Notebook as places to store all of the things that we need to get or stay organized.

While most apps of this type tend to be free form or even business focused, Springpad is a series of online notebooks designed to be a whole life organizational tool. Stay on top of not only your business or professional projects and items, but also track your personal life as well.

img sp sidebar Much like other notebook or organizing applications, Springpad uses a familiar notebook and page metaphor. Each page can feature data in the form of notes, lists, maps, files, alarms, events, etc.

Every item can be tagged, flagged or annotated for even more filing flexibility. Items can also appear on multiple pages but remain connected to the original. Everything is drag and drop capable so it is easy to move items around on or between pages.

Where things get cool is when you visit your Personal Organizer section. This area aggregates the content from all of your springpads together into one place. For example, if I create a unique list of to-do items on each of my project pages, I can go to this master list and view them all pulled together for action.

Or say my wife has a shopping list for our general meal planning but then she also creates one on a party planning page. No problem, the organizer pulls the shopping lists together so she is prepared for her trip to the store.

The same goes for contacts, addresses, and other types of data. By letting Springpad know what these bits of data are, it can be organized and presented back to me in unique and useful ways, becoming much more than just notes on pages. Dates and events automatically appear on your agenda while addresses automatically connect to a Google Map.

Springpad is primarily aimed at those who are looking for a tool to help them get organized, but who also want a bit more help than they would get from most applications of this type. By providing templates and ready made lists and organizers, Springpad makes it easy to jump right in and get started.

There are a wide assortment of templates already available covering everything from your workouts to your job search. Springpads can also be tied together, for example the meal planner tracks recipes and ingredients and allows you to quickly create a shopping list.

Select a springpad

Future partnerships with content providers will allow you to pull in branded templates, lists and content from these partner sites. The plan isn’t so much to have Springpad be ad supported but rather to allow you to easily import data from other sites and have it maintain branding and links back to the original content. You can already pull in restaurant reviews from Yelp and make reservations using OpenTable , and future similar integration is planned with other providers.

Springpad aims to be a database for your life. It is structured enough to be consistent and easy to use but the pages are flexible enough to handle most routine day to day projects and planning. You can have unlimited springpads so you can create one for all of the things that you are juggling.

This demo video does a good job of highlighting these and other key features:

Springpad is still in beta and there are some features like mobile access that are still forthcoming. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen frequent updates and enhancements and they seem eager for feedback and suggestions.

Registration is open now and accounts are free. They are currently featuring a Thanksgiving Menu Planner which should be a great way to test out the service and make sure you’re prepared for the upcoming holiday.

Could you use a Springpad to help you get organized?



@JP check out http://tiddlyspot.com
TiddlySpot will allow you to host a password protected (One password to see the site, a second to upload content) TiddlyWiki (A single file wiki that runs in almost any modern web browser).

Would you like to keep your data encrypted? Multiple different plugins that will allow you to encrypt the way you want to. http://www.tiddlywiki.org/wiki/Encryption

Oh, and it is all free. Not even any ads on your wiki.


Far too USA-centric for us Europeans! Ubernote does what I need – and it’s got a Firefox add-on set.

katin from springpad

Scott – Thanks for the post.

Our platform allows us to rapidly create solutions for any life task or project. If anyone’s got an idea or request, please get in touch.

katin AT springpartners DOT com


I need something where i can privately share my notes/pages but also access/edit them quickly offline in a desktop app (and then sync them). I dont’ know of a tool that can let me do that yet.

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