Mouse Gesture app launcher, free today only. Good for Tablet PCs?



Giveaway of the Day is featuring a Windows application launcher today
and normally, I’d skip this type of utility over. What caught my eye though is that the software brings up your customized application list through a mouse gesture. I presume it would work with a Tablet PC and pen and/or a quick touch gesture on a touchscreen device as well. It looks simple to use and it’s free today only so if you need a diversion as we start the work-week, this could be a good one for a few minutes. You’ll need a Windows XP or Vista machine for the 6.21MB download.

Here’s how the Mouse Gesture Application Launcher works: you record a mouse gesture in the application. Any time you replicate that gesture on your desktop, an application launcher with up to ten of your program or folder shortcuts appears and you just tap or click on what you need. Sure you could just put the shortcuts on your Desktop, but who likes a cluttered Desktop? Besides, this makes for a good party-trick and conversation starter. ;)



Avira Antivir detects a trojan too – probably a false positive but I’m not fond of mouse gestures anyway


Trojan in the download file. Might be an error from the antivirus side, but who would take the chance for such a small feature? My advice is ignore this

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