jUploadr Beats Flickr for Photo Uploading Tasks


The other day, I covered a convenient application called CompFight that lets you do flexible searches for photos on Flickr. If you’re looking for another handy tool for use with Flickr, try jUploadr, a photo uploading application for Windows, the Mac and Linux. Kristin covered the Linux version on the OStatic blog today, and I’ve been trying out the Windows version.

One of the best things about this little application is it gets you out of Flickr’s often busy and slow photo uploading process.

jUploadr lets you drag photo files into a central space to get them ready for uploading to Flickr. You can edit properties for the photos, invert them, and work on batches of photos concurrently, with much more flexibililty than Flickr provides. You can also store them in named sets.

Often, when using Flickr’s upload process, I’ve done time-consuming photo resizing tasks in an image editor first, especially when I’m working with small images for blog posts. jUploadr is a time-saver here, though. You can set limits on maximum photo size, so that, for example, 1280 pixels on one side might be the maximum you allow.

The utility of this type of application depends on how often you use Flickr, and whether you work with large sets of photos. I happen to use Flickr every day, so jUploadr will be a keeper.



Flickr applet is dedicated to images/videos upload to Flickr. It allows uploading an amount of photos without the pain of upload HTML form. It targets web designers that want to provide Flickr upload facilities to their application.
Options can be setup (hidden, content type, friend, family, public …) to images/videos uploaded. It supports both desktop and web authentication with Flickr REST API.

Homepage is available at: http://www.jfileupload.com/products/flickr/index.html

Online demo at: http://www.jfileupload.com/products/demo/applet_flickr.html


I second the comments on “Flickr Uploader”. It works well and let’s you organize, tag, and describe in the same window.

A. Acevedo

Great: a more efficient tool for processing a daily task! It’s interesting to see how these programs compete, to the point where they complement each other, the way Skitch and Photoshop have, for example.


Have you tried Flickr’s own “Flickr Uploadr”?

It let’s you drag and drop your pictures, organize and tag them all in one nice interface. It also let’s you work on a new batch of files while the previous one is uploading.


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