5 Responses to “No iPhone App For NFL”

  1. Hi Mike–I think the problem is that Sprint locked the NFL into an exclusive deal for that $500 million, so while it certainly wouldn't cost a fortune to build an iphone app, don't think they actually can for another 5 years.

  2. Dianne — But how much would it cost to build an app like MLB's and submit it to the App Store? A lot less than the 50 million, let alone the 100 million. You can spend about what the MLB has already made, and even include your own advertising for the app during the pre-season football broadcasts.

    And you don't necessarily need video uploaded regularly for each game. Just a real-time scores & stats tracker. Ben mentioned Sports Tap, which I use, but a nice NFL branded app would be really sweet.

  3. Or another way to look at it is…

    Sprint will need to sell $50 million worth of NFL subscriptions to justify the cost, unless you want to chalk some of it up to just the promotional value of the deal…but then again, that means you need to spend more to advertise the fact!!