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Analyst Says Hulu To Match YouTube’s U.S. Revenue In 2009: We Say, Maybe Not

imageimageThe war between Google’s YouTube and NBCU/News Corp.’s Hulu continues to escalate — as some analysts are pegging Hulu to catch YouTube in terms of revenue next year. In an article, Screen Digest analyst Arash Amel predicts that YouTube will generate about $100 million worth of U.S. revenue this year, to Hulu’s $70 million. But by the end of next year, both video sites will generate about $180 million in revenues in the U.S. alone. Not bad for Hulu, which launched just eight months ago, but for YouTube, it’s seemingly just one more reason for Google (NSDQ: GOOG) shareholders to bang the “we need revenue” drum harder. According to Amel:

7 Responses to “Analyst Says Hulu To Match YouTube’s U.S. Revenue In 2009: We Say, Maybe Not”

  1. While the hulu's interface is nice…no video site beats Youtube's fast load time.
    By the way, have you noticed that the page refreshes at paidcontent distsurb the user experience? Try watching a an embedded video and see how the page refresh dosrients the user… the video disappears and you have to scroll again to find where you were.

  2. Jamie Poitra

    Fox's whining sounds a bit duplicitous in this case.

    Hulu seems to feature those shows that are getting constantly updated new material.

    Additional old material gets a show featured more due to people continuing to enjoy a popular episode or what not.

    Fox does two things that I don't see NBC doing that hurt them in that regard. they don't seem to be putting as many shows up. And those shows that they do put up often have episodes that expire from the site after a certain period. I discovered that after missing a couple of shows for a few weeks and realized that they were gone when I tried to go watch them.

    The Sci Fi channel does the same things, and one ups it by also delaying the release of episodes online by a week more so that the content is stale by the time it shows up. I've already watched it through other, uhm, 'methods' by that time.

    Of course the quality of the content has a lot to do with it too. If you show isn't clicked on as much as other shows of course it is going to drop down the list when people view the popular shows page which is typically the best way to find something interesting on the site.

    Oh, and not only have I seen more of those PSA commercials lately there has been a distinct uptick in those "THIS SHOW WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY HULU'S ADVERTISERS" non commercials that pop up when no one has sponsored something.