Obama to Put Weekly Address on YouTube


There’s no question that between viral hits such as “Yes We Can” and his dramatic speech on race, YouTube helped President-elect Barack Obama win this election. But just because the campaign’s over doesn’t mean Obama is ditching his online video success.

Obama delivered the weekly national Democratic address via YouTube this week, marking the first time the address has been released as web video. According to Change.gov, Obama will deliver these weekly web video updates (they’re also on the radio) throughout the transition and will continue once he is president.

As of this morning, the video has been watched more than half a million times.



This is phenomenally interesting, in particular from a government organisation.

The old way of presidential marketing was to talk when;

1) There was a national emergency; 9/11, Katrina, Mortgage Crisis


2) Prior to a general election

The new Obama way is to reach out on a weekly basis, addressing relevant points and the mission of the party, no matter what is going on.

It changes the posture and stance of government. It changes presidential marketing completely.

There are parallels to the commercial world. Almost every consumer product company only talks when 1) they have a product recall or 2) a new product to sell.

See the similarity? Businesses can learn from Obama.

@Allen I’m not sure I understand. The internet democratizes video publishing, ironically it democratizes government. After all, any party, any member can have a voice. What do you see are the issues with fair competition?


It’s interesting that the site which is supposed to be the leader in reporting online video has no commentary past a simple note. No issues with fair competition, etc.

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