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Life With The Daily Beast: Tina Brown Talks To Larry Kramer

An interesting and wonderfully rambling interview with Tina Brown, done earlier this week at the Monaco Media Forum by our friend Larry Kramer, about her new incarnation with The Daily Beast. Asked how long before investor Barry Diller will want the site to start making money, Brown said: “In the end, there is no fixed time, but there certainly is an understanding that it will take time. The first thing he said to us was don’t take advertising immediately; first of all, find your audience, find your voice and then think about how you go and monetize it. We are far ahead of our plan, because we found our audience faster than we expected. Maybe that means we are expected to monetize it faster…”

The full video, embedded below. The full videos from the conference are here on YouTube.

2 Responses to “Life With The Daily Beast: Tina Brown Talks To Larry Kramer”

  1. Tina Brown understands what makes people tick, and she has made enough money for enough people to justify this endeavor.

    She addresses some of the challenges faced by contemporary newsrooms: some successes with long form media contrary to expectations, and numbers qualifying the online medium's superior ability to launch a meme into popular culture.

    Don't underestimate the power of simplicity! In an era where it is de rigeur to throw as many RSS feeds as possible into a website, her minimalist curator POV is worth understanding. After all, isn't that aesthetic how Google managed to unseat Yahoo?