Touch Diamond, Pro: one registry key away from 3G tethering


Ics_thumbI still don’t like how different carriers can muck about with Windows Mobile as much as they can. Yes, in some instances, they can add value to the user by doing so… at least, I keep telling myself that. Unfortunately, they can also add value to their bank accounts by removing access to features and then charging for similar functions. Case in point: sharing the Internet connection of your phone with your laptop. I’m still of a mind that if you’re paying for a 3G connection on your phone and want to use it as a tethered connection with a notebook, you shouldn’t have to pay extra for that. Of course, the reality is that here in the U.S., that’s considered a value-add service and you’re likely going to pay extra for the connection.

Enough of my personal rant on cellular capitalism. One of the XDA Developer forum members pointed out that removing a single registry key on his HTC Touch Diamond added a usable "Network Connection" option to the Windows Mobile Internet Sharing app which allows for native tethering. Even better: pocketnow says that this works on the Sprint Touch Pro as well as AT&T’s version of the same device, the recently arrived HTC Fuze. The Samsung Epix for AT&T may also benefit, but as is the case with any registry hack: you’ll have to try it… and not hold us accountable if it doesn’t work or you turn your phone into a brick.

To give this a shot, remove the ForceCellConnection registry key at [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINECommInternetSharingsettings].



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Ahh, the capitalism rant.
So yes, you pay for a 3G connection but you sign a contract that says you pay extra for tethering, No?
Don’t like it? Don’t sign the contract. If enough people take their business elsewhere ( don’t pay for 3G if you’re unwilling to settle for the contract), overwhelm the litigious options or figure other ways to remove the profit incentive – make no mistake, learning and taking risks to make necessary changes like the reg hack is one such method – then the situation will change.
On the other hand, if ranting protest is the solution of choice as opposed to actually correcting the underlying issues that allow larger companies to purchase the right to screw customers, well, you get what you get.
Barbie said math is hard – so is good citizenship.

And that’s my personal rant.


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So we can add value by reduction. :)
I’m with Kevin in that customers shouldn’t be charged extra for tethering. They already paid for data bandwidth and as long as they don’t go over the allotted limit, data should be honored as data no matter how they are used.

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