Shoulder gadget holster- for quick draws



You are what you wear and you can draw your own conclusions about what that might be if you’re spotted running around town with the e-Volve Nylon Gadget Shoulder Holster.  It has pockets and zippers and will make sure you get a long hard stare from the SWAT team at your next confrontation.  Look at all the features you can have for your very own:

  • Comfortable to Wear – The e-VolveNylon Gadget Shoulder Holster is designed to be highly ergonomic and isextremely comfortably around the body. The left side of the holsterrests comfortably on the top of the left shoulder allowing the holsteritself to hang below the left arm. This is a very natural andcomfortable way to carry your gadgets. The right-side adjustable strappositions over the right shoulder and under the right arm tocomfortably control how the left side of the holster sits and stays onthe body.
  • Highly Durable – Thee-Volve Nylon Gadget Shoulder Holster is constructed with this highestquality of heavy-duty ballistic nylon materials to withstand the bumpsand grinds of everyday life.
  • Keep Gadgets Safe & Secure– Each of the e-Volve Gadget Shoulder Holster’s quick-access pouchesare strategically positioned vertically on the holster to keep yourgadgets safe from others and secure as you move around doing yourday-to-day chores.
  • Large Gadget Quick-Access Pouch– The e-Volve Nylon Gadget Shoulder Holster is designed with a largequick-access pouch that securely fits most smartphone devices (such asa Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Treo or other smartphone device),compact digital cameras (such as Canon Powershot, Panasonic Lumix, SonyCybershot, Fuji Finepix, Olympus Stylus and others), larger digitalmusic players (such as Apple iTouch or iPod Classic and Microsoft Zune80 or Zune 120), Sony Playstation Portable, Nintendo DS portable, andmost standard sized men’s wallets.
  • Small Gadget Quick-Access Pouch– The small quick-access pouch will fit most small cell phones (such asSamsung cell phones, Motorola cell phones, Nokia cell phones, LG cellphones, and others), small digital music players (such as Apple iPodNano, Microsoft Zune 4, Zune 8 & Zune 16), digital voice recordersand other small personal electronic gadgets.
  • Zippered Pouch– To help control loose items that are normally kept in your pant’spockets, the e-Volve Nylon Gadget Shoulder Holster provides a uniquezippered pouch to quickly store and control change, currency, memorycards, zip drives, sunglasses, reading glasses, and much more.
  • Quick-Clip Key Ring– The e-Volve Nylon Gadget Shoulder Holster also offers a convenientkey ring clip to quickly clip and unclip your keys to and from theholster.
  • Elastic Pen Holder – The e-Volve NylonGadget Shoulder Holster includes an elastic pen holder at the bottom ofthe holster to easily and comfortably carry a pen.
  • Fully Adjustable –The e-Volve Nylon Gadget Shoulder Holster is designed to fit all bodytypes and sizes. Worn on your left shoulder, the top of the holster canbe adjusted with Velcro straps to accomodate all shoulder sizes – frompetite shoulders to large shoulders. To adjust how the holster lies onyour left shoulder, the holster back strap can be easily increased ordecreased to fit your body comfortably.
  • Side-Release Buckle–The quick-release back strap buckle allows you to quickly unbuckle theholster back strap to remove the holster from your body. It can bereattached just as easily.
  • Color – Black.

Now only $70.

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btw, some comments here makes me thing of the ever present comments on engadget when there is a entry about some bluetooth handsfree or other…

Mickey Segal

From the perspective of someone who carries a Tablet PC in a sport jacket pocket, the lesson I’d learn from this holster is that it would be good to build in a little reinforcement to sport jackets to support more weight in the pockets.

Version 1.x of the sport jackets has been pockets sewn onto the jacket by the manufacturer using the original cloth type ( We did suggests reinforcing the jacket at the time of 1.0, but this is not the sort of thing that happens until there is a wider market.


I’m glad you like your shoulder holster. I can assure you that you have made many folks smile behind your back when you show them what you are wearing, thank you for providing some humor in these otherwise serious times.

Ron P

Wow, for a minute there I thought I had logged back into Howard Forum’s, the High School Cafeteria for all things cellular. I had to check my URL.

I’ve been through many an airport with the EHolster. When all I have to do is take off the holster and drop it in the plastic container and move on, I couldn’t be happier, while the other guy is going through his pockets, going through the Scanner, back to the line, emptying more pockets, back thru the scanner and finally the Hand Scanner.

I guess I get away wearing the holster because I can wear it confidently, because I really could care less about what the meek of the earth may think about something as ridiculous as how I choose to carry my cell phone and pocket computer. But that’s just me, hopefully the others will find that with maturity also will come a degree of confidence. And another thing, fortunately I do not need to have my wife’s approval in order to wear something.

I could continue, but for the sake of respect got James and Kevin and the more mature readers, I will refrain from entering into a childish exchange of words, especially when the other side may attempt to enter the exchange ill equipped.

BTW, I also have a Scott E Vest, the same model that was distributed to our Presidents Secret Service Protection Detail. I am pretty sure those guys do not need their wife’s approval to wear those either.


Why is it that whenever some blog makes an entry about shoulder holster for gadgets, there is always one extremely violent reaction? What’s it to you if someone else wears a shoulder holster?

If you feel silly wearing one, or don’t like the idea don’t wear one. But why the implication of physical violence? Is anyone really that threatened by a shoulder holster for a cell phone?

Mike Klein

I’ve worn a similar holster for several years and backup stmt of prior poster…nothing dropped or stolen or lost…and quite handy.

This model looks a little sturdier strap-wise…mine had 2 larger pockets and held devices more close to armpit…I like this hanging lower.

Problem with belt clips is getting in and out of chairs can cause the things to snag or worse pop off.


My wife is a very understanding woman. Lord knows she puts up with a lot of geekiness from me.

However, if she ever caught me wearing this thing, I think she may divorce me, and I don’t know that I’d blame her.


I’m happy to knock something that looks that stupid. Good lord you would be laughed out of any conference room in America if you came in, removed your coat and exposed that.

Anyone who is a fan of the BBC version of the Office can remember Gareth Keenan taking off his jacket to show his cell phone holster can appreciate how ridiculous the concept of wearing that would be.

I would love to see some Poindexter like Ron go through airport security with that bra/phone holder on.


“anyone got a more constructive comment on the carrying of gadgets?”


They make a variety of attractive and very functional pieces of apparel that allow you to carry a lot of mobile devices without looking like a total tool, as with the holster.

Ron P

I have had the E-Holster ( same company )for some 8-10 years and it is an EXCELLENT method of carrying one’s devices. ( Was replaced 2 years ago under their lifetime warranty plan because I literally wore it out) Unlike some in the group that may feel they would wear it on the outside of their Suit Jacket / Windbreaker which pretty much sums up their outlook, I wear it under a Jacket or Coat and the concept is great. I can carry my Phone on one side and my OQO or NOKIA n810 or xv6800 ( depending ion needs and wants) on the other side. The weight doesn’t pull on my pants, get caught on door jams entering or exiting a vehicle, caught on a regular office type chair and does not make clothing look out of shape by the pulling from the weight in the pockets. The devices are easy to throw on, I don’t have to detach 1-2 devices from one pair of pants to have to re-attach to another pair of pants, I just throw the Holster on and then my jacket and I am out the door.

In closing, I can say this, since I have owned the E-Holster I have not lost a device, broken a device or had a broken screen. I have never had a moisture indicator go pick because it is in my pockets and when I do resell a device it will look pristine. Being a JKOTR afflicted individual trying to keep up with James and Kevin, I am constantly changing or adding devices to my arsenal, I do not have to go buy a new case every time a new device enters my life.

I can close this with one statement, Don’t Knock It ‘Till You Try It !!!

John in Norway

I changed my religion to Mormom so I could have more wives. One carries my desktop PC around, one carries the UPS to power it, one does the washing, one does the cooking and the other three keep me happy in the bedroom.
Is that constructive enough?
Have a nice weekend, especially you newly married folks.


Sure we have lots of constructive comments on carrying gadgets. I put my iphone in my left front pocket. I carry a TX-1 in my back pocket if i need to shoot HD stuff. I have my u810 in a zeroshock zip case, in my saddleback leather bag. And my usb727 is pretty much always plugged into my cradlepoint so i have a wifi whereever I am, that is generally in my bag as well. Once in a while plug the cradlepoint into my B&D pocketpower battery so i can run for hours with my wifi whereever. I keep a spare battery for the U810 in there as well, and about 5 differnt self-retracting usb cords to hook up all my crap. I have a 3GJuice i pack around everywhere too, never know when you might need to top off the iphone.

How about you


I first saw this (and laughed) about 5 years ago, they have obviously sold enough to keep them in business.

interesting comments.

anyone got a more constructive comment on the carrying of gadgets?


Is that Yul Brynner’s son?
Great setup, just need to get an ankle holster for my digital camera and I’m set.


That’ll be worth a good tasering at airport security.

Heck, that’ll be worth a good tasering, period.

Still, nerdkind has yet to perfect the utility belt.


If anyone I knew started wearing one of these, they’d get a strong punch to the balls. What a ridiculous idea.

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