Crapware on phones- growing trend


BloatWe’re all familiar with junkware, crapware, whatever you want to call it on PCs.  This consists of trial versions of programs that are limited unless you buy the full version, or full versions of programs you don’t want.  OEMs get paid by these companies to include their program on every PC they sell and we the consumer suffer for it.  The programs take up valuable storage space at the very least and slow down the performance of the PC at the worst.  I can’t tell you how many hours I have wasted removing such crapware from brand new PCs I have used.  Talk about ruining the OOBE.

Michael Gartenberg points to a disturbing trend in the smartphone area as OEMs have picked up on this practice.  He shares that some phones he is evaluating are chock full of "bloatware" as he kindly terms it and as he points out the problem is a lot harder to deal with on phones compared to PCs.  You often don’t even have the option to spend hours removing such junkware on phones, you can be stuck with it forever.  I hope this is not going to be as widespread a problem on phones as it is on PCs.



great. and unlike a PC, you can’t even format the HD and install a fresh copy of the OS.

Dave Beauvais

The Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade for my BlackJack II included several extremely limited game demos. They all timed out in somewhere around four minutes. Once they time out, you register and play them or they just stay there, littering the Start menu and taking up ROM space that could have been used for something more useful like the Remote Desktop client, Live Messenger, etc.

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