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Better Wind Turbine Likes Variable Wind: Vancouver, British Columbia-based startup ExRo Technologies has developed a wind turbine that could reduce costs and increase electricity production by 50 percent by tapping winds across a wide range of conditions – MIT Technology Review.

Says Who the Cleantech Bubble is Bursting?: Tired of reading those fatalistic headlines proclaiming the imminent collapse of the cleantech boom? Yeah, us too, so read this and brush those haters off – Clean Break.

How Many “Miles Per Gallon” Does Your Data Center Get?: The Green Grid, a consortium of IT firms, is working to make standardized metrics to measure and compare the efficiency of different bits of IT equipment, just like MPG can be used to compare cars – Business Green.

Credit Crunch Shifting Desert Sands in Solar Land Grab: All the sunniest spots in the California desert are already leased by potential solar developers, but the credit crunch could force firms to give up their claims and bigger solar players are laying in wait – Green Wombat.

Sun Improves OpenEco, Free Carbon Footprinting: Sun Microsystems (s JAVA) enhanced its service, which now provides a more comprehensive carbon footprint by tracking emissions across electricity, travel and utilities energy consumption – Press Release.