Speed Dial: One of the Handiest Firefox Extensions

My collection of useful extensions for Firefox is always growing and being edited, and my latest favorite extension is Speed Dial. You may be familiar with what Speed Dial does from using either the Opera or the Google Chrome browser. The extension lets you collect web sites that you visit frequently in one location so that you can easily “speed dial” your way to them. It’s a one-minute installation if you use Firefox, and well worth having.

After you install Speed Dial and restart Firefox, you can put an Add to Speed Dial icon directly on your Firefox toolbar. It’s the purple icon at the far right of the toolbar shown above.

To add a web site to your Speed Dial list, just go to the site, and use the purple Speed Dial icon to add it to your list of sites you frequently visit. There is a small black arrow at the bottom right of the icon that lets you pull down a numbered list of your Speed Dial sites.

There are several ways to get to your Speed Dial sites, and you can get there much faster than typing a URL in the address bar. My favorite is to simply use the Ctrl key on my keyboard plus the number I’ve assigned to a particular site. For example, Ctrl+1 on my keyboard will instantly pop up WebWorkerDaily.com.

Once you’ve assigned your Speed Dial sites, you can enter this string into your Firefox address bar to see thumbnails of all your Speed Dial sites: “chrome://speeddial/content.” You can also choose to have this Speed Dial view sit in a new window or in a new tab.

The similar features in Opera and Chrome are well-liked, and time-savers. If you’re not using this extension in Firefox, definitely try it.


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