Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone in the house!


Nokia5800I just got back from an hour of offline time helping out at the local food bank and look what was waiting for me at home? Say hello to the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone on loan through the Nokia Blogger Relations program. Actually, should we refer to the 5800 as the Tube? Ah, whatever you call it, I’m looking forward to using a Symbian S60 device with a full touchscreen. Actually, I’d better be since the 5800 only has a touchscreen for input!

Although the original thought was that such a device would compete with the popular iPhone, I reset my expectations as soon as the device was officially unveiled last month. Nokia is targeting this more to the "I want a phone that’s geared for audio & video with a little bit of web and some social aspect" crowd. That became obvious when I saw the one-touch Media Bar for quick access to tunes, images, video, sharing and web. Plus the word "Music" is in the name… that kinda gives things away, no? Oh, and there’s that little stand so you can prop the device up in landscape mode for watching vids.

It also doesn’t hurt that the the 5800 pairs a 3.2-megapixel camera sensor with Carl Zeiss optics and autofocus. You can record VGA (640×480 video) at 30fps with the XpressMusic. I’m not yet sold on the fact that the device has a stylus, so I’ll be watching how often I reach for it… hopefully, not much. I’m already liking the haptic feedback on the screen and I’ll have to see if the "Comes With Music"… uh… came with it. ;)



please can you tell me any1 if they do the nokia 5800 in pink and what colours do they do thankyou

John in Norway

Okay, how do the staff know who’s in need of food? My wife says I dress like a tramp sometimes and, thanks to her, my wallet is usually empty (looks back over shoulder). Do I fit the profile of someone in need of food? :)

John in Norway

Thanks for the explanation Kevin. Sounds like an excellent way to help the poor. What’s to stop someone who isn’t desperate from going in and taking out food?

from one norwegian to another, iirc its a place for homeless to stop by.

im not sure i understand Kevin’s reason for resetting his expectations when it comes to comparing this phone to the iphone.

is not the iphone a media consumption device first, and “office” devices second?

or is it the “little web” thing? as imo, thats just silly…


What’s wrong with using a stylus?

Jobs can say whatever he wants. No stylus means no chance for inking and I like my inking. As long as the device allows finger use I don A mind the inclusion of a stylus.

Kevin C. Tofel

John, it might be called different things in different places and I understand why it sounds like a place to deposit and withdraw food. My bad. We collect non-perishable food items that folks donate. We also receive cases of canned goods through grants andor get to purchase food items at very low costs as a non-profit. In turn, we’re “open for business” a few nights each month. Families in need come on those nights and get a few bags at no charge so that they don’t go hungry. They get to make withdrawals without making deposits. ;)

John in Norway

What’s a food bank? Is it somewhere you deposit food and can withdraw some when you get hungry? Does it stay fresh? I’m not American so I really don’t know what it is.

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