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NewTeeVee Live Star: Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin

It’s been a long, hard year at Boing Boing TV (the Xeni Jardin-hosted online video show version of the blog Boing Boing) as the show creators figured out how to translate a blog into video. Jardin tells Liz that her most proud moments have been interviewing Buzz Aldrin, David Byrne and John Hodgman — and the fact that Boing Boing TV has been “in the black” or profitable since day one. The worst advice Jardin got on how to shape the show was that Boing Boing TV should pander to the success of other viral video hits, like sexy or dogs-on-skateboards stuff. So, what’s next for Boing Boing TV? Jardin says that in a week or so, the show will kick off a series of changes and enter 2009 with a lot of fun stuff…Yeah, an entirely vague explanation — Come on Jardin stop teasing us!