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NewTeeVee Live: Felicia Day of The Guild

Felicia Day, the creator of The Guild and star of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, talked today about how different the world of Hollywood and the web are. Speaking at the NewTeeVee Live conference she said there’s a complete disconnect between the two worlds and told aspiring webisode creators to make sure they understand the difference between the two mediums. For her, the web is about showing real life for real people, rather than the artifice and perfection shown by Hollywood.

Day did not talk much about Season Two of The Guild, but did say it has been filmed for the last 10 weeks funded by fan donations and proceeds from The Guild Season One DVD sales. She declined to say how many DVDs had sold (in the thousands), but has gotten to the point where she no longer has to package and mail them herself.

It didn’t have to be so hard, but Day has rejected about 25 offers for sponsorship of the show, because she didn’t find a deal she liked. “For me, an important part of the show is that I retain the rights to the show,” Day says. “I’d like to keep the studio or production company from taking the copyright and they didn’t want to pay me enough money.”

Day said she felt The Guild was undervalued because people bidding for the rights weren’t able to understand the value of the show on the web. “The Guild is not a TV show,” Day says. “I think inventing a format on the web is more interesting. I think we could redefine media and how we consume media.”

When corporations buy web series, she feels that they don’t understand how to exploit them and build out an audience while still retaining the grassroots fans. For Day, the web has no barriers. She talked about The Guild being translated into 15 languages and the huge international fan base, and highlighted the importance of those fans who can help spread the world and build the fan base.

Also, stay tuned for an announcement of a new sponsor for The Guild some time next week.

4 Responses to “NewTeeVee Live: Felicia Day of The Guild

  1. Classic case of the corporation not getting it, they will get it some day, only it will be when everyone has eaten their lunch for them.

    The content creator signing over their rights are a dead model for the web, share of the profits is a lot more fare, Only the corporations will have to decentralise in order to take advantage of this profit share relationship.