NewTeeVee Live: ComScore on Why Video Metrics Aren’t Boring

Tania Yuki, Senior Product Manager at comScore, sure isn’t kidding when she says online video metrics aren’t usually thought of as interesting. Whew, my head is spinning after looking at metrics data. So good thing Yuki herself made such a compelling argument: The new online video measurement is your friend, she says, and can help you understand the hearts and minds of the people that watch videos.

ComScore hopes to lead the new frontier of better online video metrics in a hybrid approach using three steps:

1) Panel measurement: Panels offer the critical media planning elements, including demos, reach, duration and unique visitors, and give a 360-degree view of hundreds of millions of Internet users.

2) Beacons: Beacons are about server-based numbers and show total coverage of population and browsers.

3) Tags: Tags are about the details of the content, standardization, and is it premium or UGC? Location tags can give insight about each distribution point; content producer tags rank producers across the web; show level tags give info on each individual show.

Yuki finished up by joking that online video metrics are a good conversation starter — put a few drinks in her at the cocktail reception and then ask her what she really thinks.